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Welcome to DIVID

Become an investor in high-growth companies.

More sophisticated than a fixed deposit, a better platform for small investments.

Drop your fixed deposit today!

Unlike your conventional wisdom, investment can be diversified and independent, with direct participation.

To identifying all prospective high-growth markets; it is also a way to provide seed investment for earnest business.


Extremely Low Threshold, Decent Return

You can participate with as little as $100. DIVID is devoted to optimizing your overall investment experience with simple and easy account opening process and returns that outperform bank fixed deposits and large institutional funds.


Diversified Investment Portfolios

While a technology company with 20% annual growth would be a good target, a chicken stall with 100% annual growth might be an equally good choice. DIVID has a wide range of projects, from traditional funds and claims, to developing countries' industries and real estates, to cryptocurrency finance. This allows you to participate in the growth of multiple market verticals without the need for special approaches.


No Middlemen This Time

With the unique bond trust structure, investors' rights are further protected, and additional profits can be returned to you by transcending the complex structure of conventional financial services. We take a share of the money you earn instead of giving you a small piece of the money we earn.

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Time is money, and we believe that we all have the right to deploy our investment portfolio at our own discretion, just as everyone has the freedom to manage their personal time.
To realize this idea, we offer a wide range of investments and divide them into small entry-level opportunities, giving each of you the freedom to participate directly.

We believe EVERYONE should be able to access any deals, manage his/her own portfolio freely. To make that happen, we provide diversified opportunities and divide them into little pieces which can fit everyone’s portfolio.

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